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5 Common Myths Men Wrestle With About Depression

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Historically, men are conditioned to assume the roles of caregivers, providers, and breadwinners.

They are supposed to save the princess in the end. They fight monsters, dragons, and villains in order to protect and defend their loved ones.

Men grow up believing they should be strong, stoic, and agile. If they get hurt, get over it, man up, or rub some dirt on it. They played with toy superheroes and think they should be a superhero, too.

But heroes sometimes need saving too. Men are just as human as women are. Life is filled with both ups and downs. No one can constantly be on call or prevent themselves from having mental struggles.

Here are 5 common myths that men wrestle with about depression.

1. Depression is a Sign of Weakness.

A common myth that men believe is that if they were to admit to struggling with depression, people would perceive them to be weak. In reality, depression has absolutely nothing to do with a person’s strengths. Depression is a common mental health issue that can affect anyone. Reaching out for help when you are struggling shows your strength.

2. Real Men Can Control Their Emotions.

There is often a stigma associated with men showing their emotions. Both men and women should be able to control their emotions. But this can be easier said than done. Depression is a mood disorder. That means people who are struggling with depression may feel down, sad, or unlike themselves. Again, this state of mind can happen to anyone.

3. Reaching Out to Loved Ones Will Be a Burden To Them.

Asking for help from people you love and trust is a recommended coping mechanism. Another myth that a lot of men believe about depression is that they’ll be a burden to their loved ones if they ask for help or talk about their struggles. In reality, your loved ones will be there for you just like you’ll be there for them if they are hurting. Let your loved ones know what you need from them so they can show up to support you.

4. Asking for Help Isn’t Manly.

Men don’t typically ask for help. You may have seen a television show or movie where a man was lost and refused to ask for help with directions. This is the way many men have been raised. But no one has all of the answers in life. Men don’t always be the subject matter experts in every single topic of conversation. Let others in to help you. Sometimes we need help from an outside third party to move forward again.

5. Talking About Mental Health Won’t Help.

A lot of men feel that their depression will go away on its own or with time. They try to push how they’re feeling deep, down inside of themselves so they don’t have to deal with it. Depression won’t just go away all on its own. Not reaching out for help or delaying a treatment plan can lead to a worsening of your symptoms. Talk therapy is one of the most recommended and proven methods for treating depression. Try talking to your loved ones about how you’re feeling. If you’re uncertain who to turn to, consider working with a licensed and trained mental health professional.

Next Steps

You can’t expect to fill someone else’s cup if yours is empty. If you’re struggling with signs and symptoms of depression, it’s important to reach out as soon as you can to get started on the healing process. We offer therapy for men to help you when you’re ready to get started. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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