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Individual & Couples Therapy for high-functioning professionals in Nashville, TN or from the comfort of your home.

You are a busy professional that has been going after life full force and are crushing it – checking all of the boxes. And you also notice feeling not as content and happy with life as you’d expect. You get stressed out, anxious, and worry if you are doing this thing called life right. Maybe you are asking yourself if “this is it?” Your relationships are going “ok,” but you wish you’d feel more satisfied with life.

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Therapy in Nashville, TN

Therapie is Nashville’s leading psychotherapy practice for the high-functioning professional.

We see Nashville’s physicians, nurses, lawyers, engineers, analysts, musicians, creatives, leaders, executives, and people that just don’t want to settle in life. We provide individual and couples therapy, as well as weekend intensives and online courses to help you get unstuck and find satisfaction and meaning.

In-person and virtual options

Our office is conveniently located in Midtown, Nashville. Can’t make it into the office? No worries – we’ve got you covered with teletherapy.

You do not have to settle for a mediocre life that feels “good enough.” We can help!