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Meet the Team

Welcome to Therapie, where transformation begins with a conversation and healing is part of our DNA. We understand that embarking on a journey towards personal growth and better mental health can be daunting. That’s why we’ve meticulously curated a team of not just therapists, but architects of change—each one handpicked to guide you through life’s complexities with empathy, expertise, and unwavering support.

At Therapie, excellence isn’t just a standard; it’s our baseline. Our team is composed of the brightest and best therapists in the field, each holding a graduate degree and licensed to practice in Tennessee. Their backgrounds are diverse, yet they all share a common goal: to foster meaningful change in the lives of individuals and couples, especially those high-functioning professionals who are accustomed to the relentless demands of their lives, trying to juggle it all.

But how do we ensure that you’re in the most capable hands? The answer lies in our selection process for our therapists—a rigorous, multi-layered journey that includes multiple rounds of interviews, comprehensive personality assessments, and practical tests designed to challenge and reveal. This meticulous approach ensures that every therapist you meet at Therapie doesn’t just know what they’re doing; they excel at it.

Our obsession with growth doesn’t end there. Ongoing clinical training is woven into the fabric of our weekly routine, complemented by case consultations that ensure every client receives the highest standard of care. This commitment to continuous improvement means that with every session, you’re not just meeting a therapist; you’re partnering with a lifelong learner dedicated to both their development and yours.

Curious about the minds and hearts behind your journey to wellness? We invite you to delve deeper into the stories, specialties, and passions of our therapists by exploring their individual profiles. Each narrative is a testament to the dedication and compassion that define us.

At Therapie, we’re more than a team; we’re your allies in the pursuit of a healthier, happier you. Let’s unlock your potential.

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Jeff Barbour - LPC-MHSCP, Nashville Therapist

Jeff. MS


Katie Vacanti-Mitchell, LMSW, therapist in nashville

Katie. LMSW


Jennifer Haendel, LPC-MHSP, therapist in nashville

Jennifer. MS


Kendyl Davis LMFT in Nashville, TN Therapist in Nashville

Kendyl. LMFT


Joe Stevens, LPC-MHCSP, Nashville, TN Therapist in Nashville

Joe. LPC-MHSP (temp)


Christian. LMFT, LPC

Founder + Therapist