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Depression Therapy

Going Through The Motions With No Map For A Way Out –
Depression Therapy in Nashville, TN Can Help

Anhedonia (n.)—from the prefix an-, meaning “without,” and the Greek term hedone, meaning “pleasure”—there is a word for that sensation you’re experiencing.

Life doesn’t feel fun anymore, and it’s hard to find fulfillment in just about anything. You’ve been going through the motions at home, at work, and in your relationships—checking all the boxes but still feeling empty and directionless. And every time the weekend comes to an end, you’re filled with the “Sunday Scaries,” or a sense of dread that you’re approaching yet another week to slog through. 

But you’re good at wearing a mask. Perhaps you look perfectly fine on the outside despite crumbling and shutting down within. You are still crushing it at work and accomplishing everything that’s expected of you, but with a sense of blah and overexertion. Maybe you look around at your life and think, I am good at what I do, I have everything I need; I shouldn’t feel depressed

Yet, you struggle with emotional, physical, and cognitive symptoms of depression that infiltrate every other aspect of life. You may have experienced changes in your eating, sleeping, or exercise patterns, or maybe you feel a constant lethargy that has you dragging. As a result, it’s likely you are sad and hopeless about the future, unmotivated by the goals that once instilled your life with a sense of meaning and purpose. 

Happiness feels out of your grasp, and you’re just so tired of reaching for it. But at Therapie in Nashville, we see your pain and provide you with the tools you need to move forward. And meeting with a depression therapist in Nashville can give you a customized roadmap to find your way out of depression. 

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Depression Therapist in Nashville

Depression Is A Natural Response To Life’s Lows 

As much as humans don’t want it, life can include natural lows that can be outside of our control. People pass away, and relationships and jobs can end. We may also start feeling off when there is a sense of disconnect from the things that really matter to us. 

Sometimes, the hard feelings that inevitably come with that will go away on their own, and sometimes they don’t. When we get stuck in depression, it can be very challenging to get unstuck and overcome the muck without the right tools. 

But want to know something wild? We inherited depression and anxiety from our ancestors—you know, the ones who had to fight tigers and run away from mammoths. The depression and anxiety they experienced – a sense of hypervigilance and skepticism toward risk-taking – allowed them to survive and continue the species. Thus, we as modern humans are hardwired for these challenges to our mental health. 

Moreover, aside from being psychologically engineered to become depressed, we are often put in situations that test our emotional resilience. We all encounter some degree of trauma and tragedy, which can be the primary catalysts of depressive feelings. But because we seek to treat the symptoms rather than the cause, depression can often feel like an impossible mental state in which no progress or movement can be made. 

Relief is possible, though. Meeting with a depression therapist at Therapie in Nashville, you can find the space and support you need to make meaningful change, taking steps in the direction of a more hopeful future. 


Depression Therapy in Nashville Can Help You Navigate Depression And Find Hope For The Path Ahead

That mask you’re wearing—the one that shields your feelings and convinces those around you that you have it all together—it’s heavy! You probably don’t have many chances – if any – to take it off, take a breath, and unpack everything you’ve been holding in. However, in therapy, you will be met by someone who can guide you in pausing, reflecting, and locating the root of your depression so that the healing process can begin.

It all starts with a first meeting that really is meant as a getting to know one another. This will give your depression therapist a chance to get a glimpse into you and your world. They will ask you about current stuck points (including depression symptoms) and the things that are going well. In short: they will use this introduction to learn what makes you YOU. 

At Therapie in Nashville, we are big believers in the idea that you are the expert on your life. At the same time, you will have a chance to get to know your therapist and ask them any questions you might have about the process. And with your depression therapist, you will identify goals for your work together, as well as a map for how to get there. In counseling, your therapist will help you tackle everything that is keeping you stuck—including the root cause(s) of your depression. This work starts in the very first session.

We believe that the therapist-client relationship is the single most important factor of therapy being helpful when it comes to depression. And science agrees with us. On top of that, our therapists are trained and skilled in all the evidence-based modalities that have proven successful in treating symptoms of depression. Methods such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) can give you the skills you need to find relief from daily symptoms of depression while also helping you to understand the underlying cause of your distress.

For over a decade, our clinicians have been committed to seeing our clients through the mask and unburdening from the emotional, physical, and mental pain created by depression. We light up when providing empathetic and effective support so that our clients can make meaningful changes in their lives. 

It’s normal to get stuck and get bogged down by all of the feels sometimes. But with your depression therapist in Nashville, you can learn how to interact with those sensations in a way that doesn’t get you stuck in the muck.



We are not licensed to prescribe medication, nor are we qualified to give medical advice. Because depressive symptoms can have biological causes, we recommend that clients we treat for depression receive a physical to rule out medical concerns. And if depression medication is something you are interested in, you can request a referral from your doctor if you’d like to use medical interventions in conjunction with talk therapy. 

However, we will never pressure you to take any intervention. As mentioned, we believe that you are the expert on your life and are the one who is best suited to determine your treatment needs. If you require medication, we will support you. If not, we are confident that therapy can help you make significant progress in finding relief from depression.

At Therapie in Nashville, we will never judge you. Period. Full stop. We as humans are often our own worst critics, and our clinicians have no interest in subjecting you to further criticism and scrutiny, nor do we think that would be productive. And science backs us up on that one. 

We have been described as being warm and real, and you will experience a whole therapist in the room, including their most honest and authentic self.We are not in the business of parent-bashing, either. While we certainly believe that early experiences shape us, we also know that no problem can be boiled down to: “Thanks, Mom, this is all your fault.” Parents also came from their own family systems who came from other family systems, and by reflecting on our family’s legacies, we can better understand our needs as individuals.

You can always share as much or as little as you want in therapy, and our clinicians acknowledge that “skip” and “I don’t want to discuss that” are perfectly valid answers to any of the questions we ask. 

We will make sure to move at a comfortable pace for you, but also believe that some gentle challenging can be very productive. If we think you are getting in your own way, then we will nudge you in the form of healing. However, we are not interested in strong-arming you into something that doesn’t work for you—and in fact, that’s something we take pride in at Therapie in Nashville. 

You Anhedon’t Have To Struggle Through Life Anymore

If you have lost your spark or zest for life, meeting with a depression therapist at Therapie can put you back on a forward-moving path. To set up a free, 15-minute consultation, you can schedule online or shoot us a contact form.