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Anxiety Therapy

Get Therapy For Anxiety—The Ever-Available Third Wheel

The stream of notifications is constant, the need to be on is everlasting, and the voice in your head that expects you to achieve! achieve! achieve! is the same voice that dwells on all of your mistakes. Hello, anxiety, an old frenemy—it’s time we had a talk. 

Anxiety therapist in Nashville, TN can help with stress and worry.

The truth is that anxiety can be sneaky. Here are just a few examples of how it can manifest:

  • overthinking and worrying about everything to the point that it is no longer helpful

  • sleepless nights (hey, overthinking takes time!)

  • relationships can become a source of anxiety and you end up either avoiding confrontation or people-pleasing

  • need for reassurance in relationships (e.g., “Are we ok though?”)

  • struggling to set boundaries and saying “no”

  • harsh self-criticism and judgment

  • comparing yourself to others (their lives, relationships, work) and getting down on yourself for not “stacking up”

  • overall feelings of fear and worry

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • avoiding difficult situations

  • procrastination to escape anxiety (be in the workplace or in everyday situations)

  • coming up with excuses for why you can’t live in the now

When your insides don’t match your outsides

When it comes to spending your time in anxiety’s clutches, a clear, focused mind that doesn’t run a mile a minute is rare. And confidence in the future? Well, let’s just say the future is not looking like all rainbows and butterflies right now. All you want is a sense of peace and contentment with yourself, but anxiety is all about dressing you up on the outside to appear stoic and self-assured while covering up the hot mess you are feeling within.  

You are not alone

As humans (and mental health professionals) here at Therapie in Nashville, we get it. Anxiety has tried cozying up to us too—assuring us it has the best of intentions and whispering not-so-sweet little ruminations in our ears—but we know with the right approach, your anxiety can receive a much-needed performance review so you can get your emotions back on track. 

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Anxiety, An Ancient And Enduring Companion Of Our Ancestors

What if we told you that there is a reason that us humans get anxious? We know, we know, but hear us out. Like that coworker who is really eager to please or that friend who doesn’t have the full picture, anxiety tries to be helpful but often ends up totally misguided.

When you think about anxiety in that way, though, you might find that it has done some nice things for you. Anxiety has kept you vigilant of your surroundings, helped you to prepare for that big presentation or first Tinder date, and given you a chance to consider many outcomes as you prepare for the future… but it’s been kind of a jerk along the way. The good it has provided is certainly not outweighed by the bad.

And how did anxiety creep up on us, anyway? Many researchers believe there is an evolutionary advantage to both anxiety and depression, as fears about imminent dangers or threats have caused us to be less risky, more thoughtful, and focused on doing things correctly as a species. Essentially, our most anxious ancestors survived because a sense of worry drove them rather than blind faith in their circumstances.

But whereas our brains no longer have to keep us safe from predatory beasts, famine, or fatal disease (at least not in the prehistoric sense), anxiety still needs a place where it can feel at home.

In today’s modern world, that usually looks like pitching a tent in our work life, making a nest in our relationships, and spreading itself out into all of the corners of our day-to-day life.

With your anxiety therapist in Nashville, TN, you can learn to coach anxiety into becoming a helpful and hushed sidekick rather than a fussy and demanding lead.

If you are struggling with OCD, anxiety, stress or worry, Therapie can help with therapy for anxiety in Nashville, TN.

Our Approach To Anxiety Therapy

Our counselors and therapists provide therapy services that are tailored to the high-functioning professional and the struggles specific to them. Addressing anxiety has a variety of treatment options, and rest assured that your mental health professional at Therapie has the education and background to help you not only reduce symptoms but also gain a new perspective and provide you with the support your life deserves. (For folks interested in the nerdy science behind it all, our counselors are trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)Internal Family Systems (IFS) as well as exposure therapy and relaxation techniques.) We treat anxiety not only by addressing the essential part but also by looking at root causes. You will leave your time with us knowing exactly what to do when you feel overwhelmed or are feeling anxious.

engaging in therapy for anxiety can help alleviate worry, concerns, and stress.


Anxiety can run the full gamut from being helpful (jumping out of the way of beer bikes if you are in the Nashville, TN area) to paralyzing distress. Sometimes, people develop full-blown anxiety disorders (e.g., generalized anxiety disorder, separation anxiety, skin picking, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma, panic attacks, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder among others). And, you don’t need to wait to start anxiety counseling or think that therapy for anxiety only works when things are really bad. In fact, addressing symptoms early will give you the necessary understanding and coping skills to stay on track and not let stress run the show.

We absolutely value your time and acknowledge that meeting with an anxiety therapist in Nashville might feel like just another task that will cost energy and deplete your batteries. Yet what we have found with our clients is that just the opposite is true: spending an hour each week hitting the pause button, getting intentional, and becoming unstuck can actually free up time and energy in the long run. We encourage you to think your meetings with an anxiety therapist as a recharging of your batteries rather than another opportunity to deplete them.

If you’ve been palling around with anxiety for a while, we get that you are probably in need of relief—like, yesterday. But we hope it gives you some confidence knowing that many people begin to feel relief and even a reduction of symptoms after the very first session. And we believe that if you can make a weekly commitment to therapy for at least eight to ten weeks, then you are likely to see some significant changes in your life.

At Therapie, our therapists specialize in helping high-functioning professionals on their journey to better health. We know how to help our super intelligent and high achievers to harness their nervous energy. Achieving your highest goals (be it personal or professional) is possible and just around the corner! Nobody likes someone tooting their own horn, so we will let the reviews speak for themselves. Be sure to check out our Google reviews!

Show Anxiety The Door With A Smile And A Wave 

If life in the clutches of anxiety has become too unbearable, meeting with an anxiety therapist at Therapie in Nashville, TN can help you gain perspective and find relief – be it online or in person. To get on our calendar for a free, 15-minute consultation, you can schedule online or shoot us a contact form.

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