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Life Transitions Therapy

Quarter- & Mid-Life Crisis AKA ‘what the heck am I even doing with my life?’

You’ve been going full-throttle and after ALL THE THINGS in life. Maybe because you thought they mattered; maybe because someone else said they did, so you better! And still, you find yourself still waiting for life to begin. You know, the part where you find yourself feeling content and happy thinking, ‘yep, I’ve made it.’ However, it is not happiness that sets in but PANIC.

What is going on? You, my friend, might be finding yourself in one of those places that we humans can end up in: A Quarter- or Mid-Life Crisis. It’s that time of your life when you start to question or reevaluate literally EVERYTHING, from career choices, ambitions, and relationships (romantically or not), and contemplate alternative paths for all of the above. For some people experiencing a Quarter- or Mid-Life Crisis means finding themselves changing career paths or studying for a second degree. Others may find themselves questioning relationships. And it can be just as worrisome when you think about Quarter- or Mid-Life Crises in terms of health and wellbeing – this might mean that you will want to clean up your diet, start exercising more, or finally going that extra step in terms of looking after your health.

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The cool thing is that Quarter- & Mid-Life Crises can be a time of self-reflection and discovery. And self-reflection and discovery are WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT AT THERAPIE. If you are finding yourself questioning life, there is no better place to be than in the company of one of our therapists at Therapie. We light up when we get to sit with someone pondering and asking all the important questions and trying to make sense of it all.

Together, we will take a step back from the daily grind and get clear on what really and truly matters to you. Trust that we’ve done our homework and are familiar with the most effective and evidence-based interventions that will help you master this time of your life. We are not saying that we will just dole out advice and tell you what to do (that would actually be unhelpful and very unethical). We are committed to asking the RIGHT questions to help you sort through the muck and figure out what’s next. Going to therapy in the midst of transition and crisis will leave you feeling ready to conquer the rest of your life.

Your life deserves your full attention. Let’s get you back in the driver’s seat. Destination: Your most fulfilled life!


210 25th Ave N suite 601, Nashville, TN 37203