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Therapie: Good Faith Estimate

Effective January 1, 2022, you are entitled to receive what is known as a “Good Faith Estimate.” This document outlines the estimated cost of your treatment under the No Surprises Act. Healthcare providers, by law, are required to provide their patients with an estimate of costs for any medical bills or items pertaining to their treatment. 

As part of your intake appointment with a clinician at Therapie, PLLC, you will discuss a recommended session interval and treatment length as indicated, given your presenting concern(s). However, you will only confirm and consent to one session at a time at the end of each session. This process will alleviate any chance of you running into or occurring additional treatments and services that you did not consent to.

Therapie, PLLC will provide each client a “Good Faith Estimate” before services are rendered, which will include the clinician’s rate, as well as applicable procedural codes and associated cost.

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