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Jennifer. MS

“Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes.”  – Carl Jung

Are you living your life to the fullest, or do you feel like you’re just going through the motions? Maybe you’re feeling trapped in a never-ending nightmare, despite doing everything “right.” You might be feeling this disconnect, leaving you bewildered and, to be honest, worn out.

As your therapist, I am here to accompany you on a journey of self-discovery through the terrain of your life. We’ll explore every corner, both internally and externally, aiming to awaken your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

On this journey, we’re in it together. Let’s awaken your untapped potential, and find the fulfillment you’ve been searching for.

Jennifer Haendel, LPC-MHSP, therapist in nashville

My People

Every day, I feel both energized and truly honored to sit with people who are bravely diving into the emotional deep end of self-discovery and healing. My therapeutic practice is here for the high-achievers, the professionals, the couples, and anyone who’s ready to face life’s wide range of challenges. We address a wide range of challenges in our sessions. This includes daily stress and that nagging feeling of dissatisfaction you can’t quite put your finger on. We also delve into more complex issues such as difficult childhood experiences and complicated relationships.

The human experience is a vast, winding road, and if you’ve ever felt life’s bumps and potholes, you know it can leave some scars. How you’ve navigated these rough patches becomes part of your story, shaping how you see the world and yourself. Often, we don’t realize just how much these experiences have become a part of our personal landscape, influencing our choices, reactions, and responses today.

I frequently work with folks who are untangling the knots of complicated relationships, both past and present. We tackle everything – betrayal, abuse, codependency, feeling left out or overlooked, even dashed hopes and dreams. And let’s not forget questions about our identity, including sexuality or those big life transitions. (Trust me, the mid-life crisis thing? Totally real.) The human experience is too vast to list everything here. But pretty much, if you have ever human’d, chances are, you’ve been hurt.  What you’ve done with those difficult experiences became a part of your story, of how you view the world and even yourself.  And, often, people aren’t fully aware of how those experiences become an integrated part of our landscape, even inform who we are in the present day, how we make choices for ourselves, how we react and how we respond.  

As your therapist (and I’ve got to say, I think this is the best job in the world), I’m here to help you sort through all the pieces. Together, we’ll make sense of you in the context of your whole story. We’ll look at who you are, how you got here, where you want to go, and what it’s going to take to get there. This process helps us wake up to reality and to who we choose to be.

So, whether you’re dealing with burnout, stress, anxiety, or any other part of life that’s feeling a bit too much, I’m here for you. Let’s navigate this journey together.

My Story

Just like many therapists, my path to this profession began not in the therapist seat, but as a client. I’ve been in the very seat where my clients now sit – feeling broken in spirit and heart. The pain was overwhelming, and my life seemed filled with so many unfair, unkind, or confusing experiences that I needed to unpack just to function day by day without being weighed down by hurt or anger.

Through my personal therapeutic journey, I found clarity amidst the chaos. I was able to make sense of the seemingly absurd aspects of my life and in that understanding, I discovered peace and strength. It was more than just healing – it was an awakening.

I understand what it feels like to be broken, and I’m familiar with the rigorous journey of healing. This intimate knowledge fuels my passion to accompany others on their path towards wholeness. What could be more fulfilling than dedicating my life to helping others find self-love and cultivate a life they cherish?

My Training

I’m a proud Lipscomb University grad and hold a Master’s of Science in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling. I also have an undergraduate degree in music and philosophy. And, while it might seem unrelated, it has enriched my perspective and approach to therapy in unexpected ways.

As a humanistic therapist, I believe in the potential of each individual and our inherent capacity for growth and self-improvement. My approach often involves asking thought-provoking questions like: How did you arrive at this point in your life? What is your purpose? Are you aware of your purpose? What choices are available to you? What possibilities lie ahead? What will be required of you? What are your boundaries? How have experiences of fear, grief, anger, love, and loss shaped you?

While this reflective methodology forms the core of my approach, I understand that each client has unique needs. Therefore, I adapt and draw from a variety of techniques to meet you where you are in your journey. This includes utilizing interventions or applying behavioral science to provide practical tools for navigating the intricate workings of the human mind and heart.

Every session is customized to you, focusing on your specific needs and objectives.

Who Am I, Really?

You might be wondering, who is the person behind all this professional talk? Great question! Let’s pull back the curtain a bit.

Before stepping into my role as a therapist, I navigated a whole different career path in administration. It was a job that paid the bills and allowed me to raise two amazing boys who are now grown men finding their own paths in the world. They’re my pride and joy, and through them, I’ve learned the art of ‘adulting’ in its truest form.

Before all this? My first dream was to grace the opera stage. Music has always been a passion, and it still finds a way into my life. I’m also no stranger to the written word – I once featured in the New York Times TINY LOVE STORIES (Modern Love column), which even made its way into a published book.

Humor? Absolutely essential. I believe in the power of laughter to heal, connect, and make our journeys a little lighter. I’ll often weave it into our sessions – because therapy doesn’t always have to be serious.

Beyond therapy and my professional life, you’ll find me singing my heart out, penning my thoughts, spending time with my dogs, exploring new places, and yes, carbohydrates.

Let’s Chat

And so, we return to the most important person in this journey – you. Remember, this journey is yours, and as your therapist, I am here to support, guide, and accompany you every step of the way. It’s about your growth, your transformation, and your well-being. And it’s about making sure you feel heard, understood, and empowered at every turn.

Are you ready to take that crucial first step towards a more fulfilled and balanced life? Are you willing to explore the depths of your experiences, armed with the tools and strategies that have been proven to make a difference? If so, I’m here to walk that path with you.

Let’s start with a free consultation. This is our chance to get to know each other, to explore your hopes and concerns, and to outline a plan that’s tailored just for you. You’ve taken the time to read this, to understand my approach and who I am – now let’s take the time to focus on you.

Your journey is waiting, and it’s one click away. Book your free consultation today. Let’s embark on this path together, towards personal growth, self-understanding, and a healthier, happier you.