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Communication Exercises For Couples


Communication is an essential component of any healthy partnership and is an important part of all relationships. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but having a healthy communication style can help you deal with conflict and build a stronger, healthier relationship. We often hear how important communication is, but we don’t always understand what it is or how to use it in our relationships. 

Couples’ communication exercises that are both powerful and assertive can go a long way toward fostering a happy and healthy marriage. Communication skills improve as a result of these activities, and spouses learn to understand one another. Of course, words are understood; however, as communication improves, spouses begin to understand the meaning of those words. This includes how they feel about their partner and why something is said. Here are 5 communication exercises couples can use to try and strengthen their relationship. 

5 Communication Exercises for Couples to Try

1. Engage in Structured Conversation

Structured conversation ranks first among the top five communication exercises for couples. Set aside time to talk with your partner for this activity and choose a topic to discuss.

Once a topic has been chosen, both partners should begin talking. Rather than communicating as usual, use mirroring, validation, and empathy to add structure to the conversation.

All that is required is a simple “I understand what you’re saying.” Finally, empathy is expressing an interest in how your partner is feeling by asking, “How does that make you feel?”

This is one of the best activities for couples to improve communication skills and instill a strong sense of empathy.

2. Play Games That Uses Positive Language 

The positive language game comes in second on the list of relationship improvement and communication exercises for couples.

Couples’ communication is fraught with difficulties. The ultimate barrier to improving communication in a relationship is reactive, presumptuous, and accusatory behavior.

Couples must replace negative language with positive language in this one of the most effective communication skills exercises.

Stop yourself from saying something negative about your partner’s actions or behavior the next time you’re about to say something negative. Instead, think of a more positive way to convey your message.

Individuals become more aware of how they communicate as a result, and negative communication patterns can be reversed. These kinds of communication activities for married couples can help you break your relationship’s toxic and negative communication habits.

3. Go on a trip

Going on a trip together is one of the most effective and enjoyable communication exercises for couples.

Planning and going on a trip is actually a communication-improvement exercise for couples. It’s a day or more of solitude in an unfamiliar and exciting setting.

When couples’ communication becomes monotonous, it can become stressful. These communication skills activities provide couples with much-needed relief from their daily routines.

This activity is so successful because it allows couples to unwind and relax. It is true that getting away improves communication. Amazing things happen when stress is removed from the equation. It is necessary to engage in stress-relieving activities in order to improve communication in relationships.

This allows partners to converse and connect on a deeper level while focusing on each other. The process of planning and traveling to your destination also provides opportunities for better communication.

Communication exercises for married couples allow couples to communicate and work together. Don’t waste time on activities that divert your attention away from communicating with one another.

Instead, use your vacation to focus on exercises or activities that will allow you and your partner to work on positive communication.

These vacations also serve as communication exercises for married couples, allowing them to re-establish a connection and mutual trust in their relationships that have been lost in the midst of daily routines and responsibilities.

4. Utilize the “Three-Three” Method 

The goal of marriage communication exercises for couples is to improve communication and strengthen the love bond between them.

Both partners must go to a quiet place and make a list of three things they like and dislike about their spouse for this exercise. Then hand it over to your partner.

When your partner reads them out loud, compliment them on their qualities and explain why you dislike the other points. Of course, neither partner should be offended by the feedback and should accept it politely.

The ‘Three and Three’ exercise has been proven to be one of the most effective communication activities for couples because it aids in communication strengthening.

5. Share Your Emotions

Sharing emotions with each other is another one of the communication exercises for couples that spouses must engage in.

This may not come naturally to many people, and it may take years for the two to be able to open up about their feelings. Go on a couples’ retreat to encourage and nurture your marriage by expressing your innermost emotions and vulnerable side to each other.

It will assist you in better understanding your partner and strengthen your marriage.

Couples can deal with sensitive issues by learning and adhering to these couples’ communication exercises. Poor communication can have far-reaching consequences that go beyond limiting your ability to deal with everyday issues.

You’ll be able to enjoy a new level of understanding if you practice these effective communication exercises for couples. To resolve any deep-seated relationship issues, it is also advisable to connect with a professional for more communication help for couples.

If you’re in the Nashville, TN area, contact Therapie to set up a free consultation to see how a trained couples therapist can help you resolve your communication issues.

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